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CYBERSPACE - The Internet - November 10, 2000 -, the leading Internet destination for technology pioneers and proven technology giants, today announced the grand opening of the web destination. Terms of the opening were not disclosed.

The web site will allow to continue expanding the web portal resources it provides for technology pioneers, while also promoting's expansion into the lucrative TPSP (Technology Pioneer Service Provider) market. expects up to 37% of fiscal 2001's revenue to come from TSPS transactions.'s technology pioneer portal will feature the guidance and advice of technology pioneer and proven technology giant Carl Samos. Through a non-binding, non-exclusive, non-disclosed and unsigned agreement, Samos will answer questions and write articles on being a technology pioneer, as well as direct and participate in the JTPA, the Junior Technology Pioneers of America.

Samos was previously co-founder and CTO of KnowItAll, Inc., which in October reached an agreement (subject to certain conditions to closing and to a pending recount in certain counties in Florida) to be acquired by He was also previously a member of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) where he was lord overseer of the Mosaic project, the famous World Wide Web browser. The most notable company to license Mosaic was Microsoft, which utilized the software code to create Internet Explorer.

Through a non-disclosed and non-executed agreement with IBM, will host the portal on the same massive IBM RS/6000 SP servers that hosted the 2000 Sydney Olympics web site*. This kind of massive web hosting power will allow to best serve the needs of technology pioneers worldwide.

The web destination marks a new and exciting period in the development of "I believe that the opening of the site will mark a new and exciting period in the development of," said the CEO and Chairman of, who declined to be identified by name, citing pending litigation.

About ( is the leading provider of portal and TSPS services to technology pioneers and proven technology giants worldwide. Through partnerships with technology pioneer Carl Samos, as well as advanced technology pioneer management technology (ATPMT™) is able to meet the ever increasing needs of technology pioneers.

Established on November 10th, 2000, was recently launched as a full-service web portal for technology pioneers.

* Server will actually be a generic 266MHz PC with a 10.2GB disk running FreeBSD.

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